Monday, June 27, 2011

Starting on the Master Bedroom

My husband and I decided a few months ago that the next room we would tackle/decorate would be our bedroom. It took me a while to find a color scheme I liked that I could find fabric to coordinate with. I finally found a rug that I loved and went with that. I'm doing a silver-blue, chocolate, tan and cream color scheme for our room. (I actually didn't buy the rug because when I went back to get it the blue I'd remembered wasn't the blue in the rug but I wanted to stick with those colors anyway.)

I decided I wanted a white/off-white 100% cotton quilt for our new bedding. White, so I can change up the accessories without buying a whole new bedspread and 100% cotton because I read a tip that natural bedding allows your skin to breathe while you sleep. I finally found an ivory king-sized quilt that I liked and fit my criteria on overstock. Here it is on our queen bed:

The fabric in the pictures is what I've gotten so far for our room. I wrapped one of our old throw pillows in the fabric and laid it all out to see what I thought of the ivory with the blue. I really like it. As I add more things to our room, I may try bleaching our blanket to a more off-white, less ivory color, but we'll see.

Our first night with our new quilt, we slept with our ceiling fan off because I wanted to see if I would get super hot as usual in our AZ summers. I was pleasantly surprised that I slept great and wasn't over-hot. We love our new quilt and will never buy a synthetic blanket for our bed again.

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