Saturday, March 31, 2012

Lego Head Cookies

I had a friend ask me to help out with her son's birthday party a couple of months ago. He wasn't a fan of cake, so I showed her some cute sugar cookies I could try. This was my first attempt at decorating sugar cookies with royal icing and I really like how they turned out. They were pretty easy, too!

My kids enjoyed "decorating" the leftover scraps of cookie dough that we baked.

Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Crayon holders

I made 10 of these for my son's preschool teacher. I put one hole for scissors, one for a glue stick, one for a fat pencil and 24 for a pack of crayons. My wonderful husband did most of the work, 4 hours of drilling all 270 (!!!) holes one Saturday afternoon in a friend's garage (we used their drill press - thanks again Morgan!). They were a ton of work, but so worth it! I hope all the kids like them.

Saturday, March 17, 2012

April Craft Night

April craft night is coming up soon. Wednesday, April 4th at 7pm at my house. Orders and money are due the week before, Wednesday, March 28th so I can prep everything for craft night. We'll be doing:

Religious themed Easter stackers:

Single-sided $5.00; Double-sided $6.50
I have a variety of Easter pastel paint colors available and will probably be repainting my yellow block so you can better see "Christ".

Double-sided Spring/Summer blocks:

Spring/Summer: $17.00; Single-sided Spring OR Summer: $12.00
Vinyl colors available are: White, black, chocolate, light brown, beige, dark gray, light gray, dark red, red, dahlia (spring) red (SUMMER above), hot pink, baby pink, orange, yellow, dark green, green, pastel green (celadon), dark blue, blue (gentian), lilac.

*If you would like to see any of the vinyl colors in person before deciding, please contact me. If you don't pick a color, you'll get white vinyl.*

It seems like all I do right now is craft nights. I do much more than just craft nights - I just don't blog about anything else lately. I promise, I've been busy and one day, I may just catch up this blog and tell you all about it. Until then, enjoy my crafts, Mom!


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