Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Super Craft Night!

 I decided to do another craft night before I have this baby.  Since it's been so long since I've done one and will probably be a while before I can do another one, I thought I'd go all out, so to speak.

 When: Wednesday, November 28th
Time: 7pm to whenever
Where: My house
What we will be making:

Countdown Blocks:
 You can choose to do Christmas or Birthday blocks (I'll be making both).  Please specify which kind you would like so I can have the right type paper for you.  For available vinyl colors, see below.  Cost for the Countdown Blocks is $7. 

Families are Forever Boards:
 This is just a picture of the design, again, I'll be making this one, too!  Boards will be roughly 6 inches by 24 inches.  Great as a gift or for your own home.  Please tell me the last name you would like on your board when ordering. You'll also need to pick 2 vinyl colors (see below).  Cost for the Family Boards is $12.

Christmas Tree block:
Ok, so this is a pumpkin.  I haven't made a Christmas Tree one yet but it's the same concept.  Again, I'll be doing this one myself that night.  If you like, you can do a pumpkin instead.  Each tree or pumpkin will be $3.

Joy to the World Nativity Board:
Lovely Christmas wall hanging. Each board is 6 inches by 24 inches. Vinyl options listed below, the colors used above are Silver metallic and black.  Each Nativity board will be $11.

Give Thanks Board:
1 Thes. 5:18, great scripture and perfect for a Thanksgiving wall hanging.  Vinyl options are below, the colors used above are Chocolate Brown and Copper metallic.  Each Give Thanks Board is $9.

I will have a variety of paint colors available that night for each craft. 

Vinyl colors I currently have available: Black, White, Dark Gray, Light Gray, Chocolate Brown, Nut Brown, Beige, Dark Red, Christmas Red, Spring Red, Dark Pink, Baby Pink, Orange, Yellow, Dark Green, Green, Mint-ish Green, Dark Blue, Cobalt Blue, Baby Blue, Lilac Purple, Silver (metallic), Gold (metallic), and Copper (metallic). 

Sunday, October 7, 2012

Our new foyer table

I've been thinking about how to organize our stuff in the entrance of our home for a while now.  We've got backpacks and diaper bags and who knows what else that gets "stored" there.  After thinking about it for a very LONG time (seriously, since my son started school 2 years ago), I finally decided the Ikea Hemnes sofa table would work very well. I didn't want a plain jane one though, especially since this table seems to be really popular right now.  I decided on adding swirls and for some fun, I added just one orange swirl in the green.  Cutting a 5 ft long vinyl swirl stencil proved to be rather expensive and hard to deal with, so I ditched my first idea of swirls on the top and just painted the top solid green.  I LOVE how it turned out.  Here it is, the poly still drying.  We'll move it into the foyer tonight and start using it tomorrow evening.  I'm on the hunt for some cardboard boxes the size of the upper shelves to cover in some fun striped fabric I bought to use in the foyer.  As always, the foyer is a work in progress, just like everything else.

I haven't been very active on my blog (to say the least!) and I probably won't get any better any time soon.  We're expecting #5 in February and I'm finding my energy severely limited right now.  I'd rather make cute things than blog about them, but I hope to one day update my blog with all the changes I've been making around here.  

Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Floor pillows for my living room

So, this week I've devoted to sewing.  I've been collecting fabric for various home decor projects for probably about a year.  It's time I do something with it all.

I originally bought this lime green fabric to go in my lime colored bedroom (we decided on chocolate and blue and I LOVE it).  So, this fabric ended up with no purpose.  I also decided to change our bedspread and the one we got rid of had euro shams, so, of course, I bought the euro pillow forms for them.  Those pillow forms are expensive, so I thought I'd re-purpose everything in the form of floor pillows.  When I explained what I wanted to make to my hubby, his response was, "what for?"  Um... so I don't feel like I wasted any money, thanks.

Anyway, I'm also bringing dark blue into the living room, so I added blue piping to the edge of the pillow covers (I made 2) and closed them,envelope style with a big blue button.  I love how they turned out and so do the kids! 

Other projects started so far this week include 4 sets of curtain panels, 2 pillows for my bedroom and one blanket for my bedroom (finished).  I've got a ways to go, but when I'm done, hopefully all the fabric will be turned into something lovely for my home.

Saturday, March 31, 2012

Lego Head Cookies

I had a friend ask me to help out with her son's birthday party a couple of months ago. He wasn't a fan of cake, so I showed her some cute sugar cookies I could try. This was my first attempt at decorating sugar cookies with royal icing and I really like how they turned out. They were pretty easy, too!

My kids enjoyed "decorating" the leftover scraps of cookie dough that we baked.

Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Crayon holders

I made 10 of these for my son's preschool teacher. I put one hole for scissors, one for a glue stick, one for a fat pencil and 24 for a pack of crayons. My wonderful husband did most of the work, 4 hours of drilling all 270 (!!!) holes one Saturday afternoon in a friend's garage (we used their drill press - thanks again Morgan!). They were a ton of work, but so worth it! I hope all the kids like them.

Saturday, March 17, 2012

April Craft Night

April craft night is coming up soon. Wednesday, April 4th at 7pm at my house. Orders and money are due the week before, Wednesday, March 28th so I can prep everything for craft night. We'll be doing:

Religious themed Easter stackers:

Single-sided $5.00; Double-sided $6.50
I have a variety of Easter pastel paint colors available and will probably be repainting my yellow block so you can better see "Christ".

Double-sided Spring/Summer blocks:

Spring/Summer: $17.00; Single-sided Spring OR Summer: $12.00
Vinyl colors available are: White, black, chocolate, light brown, beige, dark gray, light gray, dark red, red, dahlia (spring) red (SUMMER above), hot pink, baby pink, orange, yellow, dark green, green, pastel green (celadon), dark blue, blue (gentian), lilac.

*If you would like to see any of the vinyl colors in person before deciding, please contact me. If you don't pick a color, you'll get white vinyl.*

It seems like all I do right now is craft nights. I do much more than just craft nights - I just don't blog about anything else lately. I promise, I've been busy and one day, I may just catch up this blog and tell you all about it. Until then, enjoy my crafts, Mom!

Wednesday, February 29, 2012

March Craft Night

I decided to do another craft night, just in time for St. Patrick's Day. Orders and money due Wednesday, March 7th. Craft night will be Wednesday, March 14th 7pm at my house.

We'll be doing crafts for the holiday. Green and gold St. Patrick's Day stacker:

Single-sided stacker: $5.00; Double-sided stacker: $6.50

And a Leprechaun hat:
Leprechaun Hat: $3.00.
(Scrapbook paper may vary)

Tuesday, February 14, 2012


**This Giveaway is closed**
*Congrats to comment #4, Morgan Gardner! I'll get you in touch with KidsSweetTees so you can pick out your new T-shirt!*

A couple of weeks ago, my good friend, Kristin and owner of KidsSweetTees sent me some super cute shirts for my kiddos! We named our oldest after Superman, so she did a super hero theme for my kids' shirts.

They came cutely wrapped and my kids loved them! They insisted on putting them on immediately.
Except for my oldest, that is. He didn't want to wear his shirt and I figured he was a bit old (he's 6) for this kind of shirt. The next morning, though, he popped out of bed and said, "Mom, where's my new shirt? I want to wear it to school."

These shirts are so super cute and the best part is KidsSweetTees is doing a giveaway! One lucky reader will get one short sleeved, white shirt with the personalized design of their choice on it.

Three ways to win:

1. Go to KidsSweetTees and pick out your favorite design. Come back here and leave a comment saying which design you like best.

2. Blog about this giveaway and leave a comment telling me you did.

3. Facebook or tweet about this giveaway and leave a comment telling me you did.

Giveaway ends on Wednesday, February 22 at midnight. I'll post the winner Thursday morning.

*Free shipping to Continental US only.*


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