Sunday, October 7, 2012

Our new foyer table

I've been thinking about how to organize our stuff in the entrance of our home for a while now.  We've got backpacks and diaper bags and who knows what else that gets "stored" there.  After thinking about it for a very LONG time (seriously, since my son started school 2 years ago), I finally decided the Ikea Hemnes sofa table would work very well. I didn't want a plain jane one though, especially since this table seems to be really popular right now.  I decided on adding swirls and for some fun, I added just one orange swirl in the green.  Cutting a 5 ft long vinyl swirl stencil proved to be rather expensive and hard to deal with, so I ditched my first idea of swirls on the top and just painted the top solid green.  I LOVE how it turned out.  Here it is, the poly still drying.  We'll move it into the foyer tonight and start using it tomorrow evening.  I'm on the hunt for some cardboard boxes the size of the upper shelves to cover in some fun striped fabric I bought to use in the foyer.  As always, the foyer is a work in progress, just like everything else.

I haven't been very active on my blog (to say the least!) and I probably won't get any better any time soon.  We're expecting #5 in February and I'm finding my energy severely limited right now.  I'd rather make cute things than blog about them, but I hope to one day update my blog with all the changes I've been making around here.  

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