Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Hardware refinishing

One of the first things I did with my new furniture was take all the hardware off. It'd been painted the same color as the dressers and I needed to get all the paint off. A few months ago, I found this tutorial through a linky party and bookmarked it. I pulled it up and followed the directions. I had to do it twice because I didn't let the hardware soak long enough the first time and still had paint in the deep crevices.

I sprinkled baking soda in the bottom of a water filled large pot and then put all the hardware in. The second time I did it, I fished each piece out of the pot one or two at a time and used the sprayer at my kitchen sink to spray the paint off. No scrubbing or rubbing involved. It was great! So, I went from the green uglies above to these beauties:

I'm not sure you can tell in these pictures, but each handle and decorative piece is just slightly different from each other.

After getting everything cleaned up and organized, my boys helped me lay out all the hardware for the dressers and I spray painted them satin nickel from Rustoleum. I think they turned out looking more pewter than satin nickel. I love how they turned out and they're perfect for the look I'm going for on my dressers.

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