Monday, March 7, 2011

Dinosaur curtains finished and hung and boys bedroom so far...

Last week, I finished up making my boys' new bedroom curtains. My husband and I didn't get around to hanging them until the day before our great furniture move last week. Both panels have 6 inches of stripes at the top and 12 inches of stripes at the bottom. I made the curtains floor to ceiling in length and clipped them to curtain rings. The top of the curtains wouldn't stay up straight so my husband folded the top over and we decided that looked really nice. Here they are hanging in my boys' bedroom along with my 5 yr old who thought I was taking pictures of him.

A few things I've learned with making various lined curtains for my house.
  • If I don't plan on moving the curtains back and forth, I really like the hidden tabs like on my loft curtains.
  • I prefer the grommits I put in my nursery curtains over the rings on these curtains. They slide easier on the cafe rod. So, for the rest of our bedroom curtains, I'll be adding grommits to the top.
On Tuesday last week, we had our home teachers* over to help my husband rearrange furniture. Between the 3 of them, they moved 14 pieces of furniture in an hour! Boy, were they fast! The biggest change was combining all 3 of our boys into the biggest bedroom upstairs. Here's what their bedroom looks like so far.

This is the view from the door, looking left. The closet is around the left side, but full of food storage so they don't use it.

This is looking straight in their room on the right side.
So far, it's a little crowded, but we've got some ideas to help with that. I haven't really started decorating yet. I've got plans for some fun dinosaur vinyl stickers on the wall, among other things.

Where things came from: The bunkbeds came from the older boys' bedroom down the hall. The toddler bed came out of the nursery. The tall dresser in the corner has been sitting in the garage since I finished it over a month ago and the double dresser came from the master bedroom. We put the white buffet (I'm almost done with it!) in our bedroom.

*Home teachers are congregational ministers assigned to meet the needs of church members in their own homes.

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Anonymous said...

Hi where did you buy the fabric from for the dinosaur curtains.


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