Tuesday, January 18, 2011

New Dresser

Part of my To Do List includes finding some new furniture. So, I hit up Craigslist. The first thing I was hoping to find is a new dresser for my boys. They currently are using this dresser we bought at Walmart before I learned about the joys of Craigslist. I considered getting the matching tall dresser, but I'm kind of over the blue. They only way I could convince my husband to replace the blue dresser though (we just got it 2 years ago) was if I could find a dresser we could keep stained... and Craigslist delivered!

I found this cute antique dresser a little over a week ago. The lady had it professionally stripped to the bare wood and stained it herself, but never got around to putting any poly on it. She just wanted it out of her garage. The only problem was it was an hour away from where I live. However, I had a doctor's appointment near there a week after she listed it, so I promised myself I'd go look at it if it was still listed then. After getting hubby's approval, I emailed her and was able to bring it home this past Friday! She told me that she bought it almost 40 years ago, used at the Salvation Army for her then 2 year-old daughter. It was originally white, but a few years ago decided to get rid of the paint. The dresser reminds me of the antique furniture that my best friend's house is filled with. She and her husband inherited a LOT of furniture from grandparents and I just drool over it all whenever I go to visit.

Here it is Saturday in my garage, just before I started putting the poly on. She also had the original hardware, but it wasn't installed when I picked up the dresser.

My husband decided that I needed to change the color of the hardware. I agreed.

So, Monday after taking my kids to the Zoo, we ran around until I found this Rub N' Buff stuff I've read about in blogland. I found it at Michaels in the acrylic paint area. It's a tiny tube, but it goes a LONG way.

After rubbing this stuff on, they looked great, but it rubs right off, so I sprayed a clear coat on top to protect the finish. I figure, if it starts coming off, I'll do something else with them. I love how they turned out though!

And here's my dresser, fully assembled in the garage. I can't believe the difference a couple of coats of poly made to this dresser!

It'll probably be stuck in the garage until I can empty my craft room and get it moved to it's new home in our boys new bedroom.

We have another double dresser that is a very similar stain to our new dresser. It'll get moved into our boys bedroom and the blue one will go on Craigslist once their room is finished. I've been working on picking paint colors for their room lately - so fun!

In other furniture news, my husband decided to work on stripping the buffet (pictured here) we've stored in our garage for the past 2 years almost. I'm hoping to paint and stain it soon!


Stephanie Dietelbach said...

Looks beautiful!! So glad you rescued it and didn't paint it! The wood is gorgeous! Well done!

Kristin R. said...

Looks soooo pretty! You did a great job! It would fit right in here at my house, haha. (oh wait, I take it back noooooo more furniture for us!)


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