Thursday, January 6, 2011

Hall Bath with decor

I'm almost done with our hall bath! I've been making slow and steady progress this week and I hope to finish everything up this weekend.

I've been purchasing decor items for our safari themed bathroom for over a year now. One of the oddish things I picked up is this giraffe kick-line (that's what it looks like to me anyway...). I originally thought I'd use it to hang our boys' hooded towels, but it's just plaster and wouldn't hold. I decided it would look cute "hanging" little picture frames from it instead. I found some safari animal silhouettes and cut them out in vinyl. The picture frames I found at Walmart for $1.50 each. I threw the backs away and hot glued the glass in the frames. The silhouettes are on the inside of the frame. Before hanging the kick-line and frames in the bathroom, I made them a bit more waterproof by putting a coat of clear acrylic varnish. The frames are actually attached to the wall so they're a little more secure.

The next thing I did was install a wallpaper border just above the chair rail in the bathroom. I bought the border when I got the shower curtain (2 1/2 years ago!), but I wasn't sure I wanted to use it. The colors are just a bit different from the curtain to the border. After thinking about it for a few days, though, my husband and I just felt the room needed a bit more. It was really easy to install. It came pre-pasted and we just followed the directions on the back.

I've been working on painting a pegboard to hang the kids' towels at their height by the tub, but it's not finished yet. I'm hoping to get it finished today and installed tomorrow. Last night, I hung the hand towel holders (one at kid height and one at adult height) and hung some canvases I bought at Target a year or so ago.

Sorry about the lighting, there's no natural light in the bathroom and I took the below pictures last night at 10pm.

There's still a few more things that need to get done before it's finished. My new miter saw came this morning (yea!) so we'll be cutting crown molding tonight. I need to finish and install the pegboard, frame out the mirror, get matching hand towels, buy and install a towel rod and TP holder and get new bath mats (our current ones used to be brown, but now look more purple). Oh, and install the crown molding. I'm so excited that the first thing on my list is almost done!

I've also been working on cleaning up my craft room (slowly, but surely) and I hope to get that done in the next few days too.


Jessica Brunette said...

my goodness - TOO CUTE! you're so talented. Thanks for sharing.

Robert and Cassie said...

That looks SO cute!


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