Monday, January 31, 2011

Dresser Update

This past weekend, I was hard at work on the buffet/dresser for my bedroom. I got 3 of the 5 drawers done, 2 coats (1 to go!) on the other 2 drawers and I got the first coat on the body of the dresser (I think it'll take 4 since the coat went on thinner for some reason). I still haven't started painting the cabinet doors. I'm not sure why I'm at different points for everything. You'd think I would have put one coat on everything every time (but then I'd be done, and that's just too easy...).

I haven't worked on it at all today. It's cold outside and it's just one of those days. But here it is, ready for coat #2. You can also see the untouched cabinet doors on the right.

Here you can kind of see how gorgeous the top turned out after 3 coats of poly.

And here's the drawers in their finished/semi finished states.

Once I get everything painted, I'm going to be putting a liner in all the drawer bottoms. I picked up some super cute wrapping paper for that this weekend. I'll be doing the same thing that I did in the Lego table drawer.

I also had my hubby move the nursery dresser into the garage so I can start on that. It's been living in our foyer since we moved in over a year ago. Please ignore all the stuff piled on and around it. Our foyer has been quite the dumping ground lately...

Here it is taken apart in my garage. First things first, it needs some work. At least one drawer needs a new bottom. One side of one drawer needs to be fixed. I need to replace a drawer slide and the top has some serious water damage and needs to be sanded down/fixed. After that, I can clean it, paint it and put in drawer liners.

If the weather improves soon (it's been cold and cloudy today, boo!), I'm hoping to at least finish the buffet and get started on the nursery dresser by the end of the week. Next week, I'm sewing! (or at least that's the plan right now...)

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