Sunday, May 30, 2010

Memorial Day Weekend Projects

We have a community wide yard sale coming up next week. I'm gearing up for it by cleaning out some closets and hauling things down to our garage. Add to that, my next door neighbor whose also getting ready for the yardsale just replaced her daughter's bedroom furniture and wanted the old stuff out of her garage more than anything and a successful hunt on Craigslist - my garage is packed! I spent yesterday working hard in our garage painting furniture. Meet my new best friend:I love this paint sprayer! The finish is more even than spray paint from a can and I can custom pick any color I want (though at the moment I'm doing black and Rustoleum Heirloom White). I also don't have to deal with brush strokes. I'm still learning how to use it, so the finish isn't as nice as it could be. A couple of weeks ago, I took it to a friend's house to paint the outside of her chicken coop. It only took about an hour and a half and 3 cups of paint for the whole 8 ft. by 6 ft. coop! I've been itching to use it on my own stuff since!

I asked my hubby if I could get rid of our computer desk at the yardsale next weekend, if I could get it re-painted in time. He said yes, and I got to work. Now, I'm loving this desk again, so we're keeping it!

I finished the corner piece and this is the bigger piece. We stripped all the peeling paint off the last piece and moved it into the garage, but we were both worn-out by then so it's first on the list for tomorrow!

Here's the buffet I found on Craigslist this week. It came with a china cabinet (pictured below) and I had the guy deliver it for a total of $160. Both pieces still have their original hardware and are in great condition, they just need a coat of paint! This buffet is going to get the green paint with black glaze treatment I originally planned for my other buffet in this post and will go in our loft. It coordinates a lot better with the orange nightstand/endtable I finished earlier. My other buffet will now be going in our master bedroom, once I get that going (and after I finish our loft).

Here you can see all the stuff in our garage. It's all our yardsale stuff and the furniture I bought from my neighbor. It's all Ikea furniture. I'll be painting the armoire white and filling it with shelves to store boardgames in our loft. The dresser will get painted blue and go in my boys' bedroom. The toy box will be white and also go in our loft and I'm going to resell the toddler bed at our yardsale since my neighbor insisted that I buy the whole set from her.

And here's a not very good picture of my new china cabinet that I'll be painting white and putting in my dining area. Does anyone know how to remove the gold colored diamonds on the glass? I tried a razor blade and it barely scratched it. I've thought about replacing the glass, but it has a trim on the inside holding the glass in place that I'd have to remove first and the possibility of broken glass from that attempt doesn't thrill me. I've thought about taping off everything and painting the diamonds silver, but is it worth the effort? Please let me know your thoughts!

So with all that, our garage is reminding me of before our move when our garage was stuffed with furniture that wouldn't fit in the house. This time, everything just needs to be redone first! I'm hoping to get most, if not all of these projects done this week before the garage sale. Hopefully, we'll be able to park both our cars in the garage Saturday afternoon!

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Kelli Brewer said...

I can't wait to see all the refinishing you do to the furniture! I love reading your blog and I am so jealous of your tools and vinyl machine!


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