Monday, May 17, 2010

"Wonderful Wednesday" Craft Night

You're Invited to a Wonderful Wednesday Craft Night!

Who: Anyone local. If we don't know you personally, you'll have to prove you're a real person before we'll give you my address. :)
Where: My house
When: Wednesday, June 30th
from 7pm 'til whenever

We'll be doing a potluck snack, so bring your favorite finger foods!

My friend Morgan and I decided to put on a Super Saturday type craft night together. We'll be doing six different crafts that night. You can pick and choose which one(s) you'd like to do from the following:

Just click on the names to see more information about each of the projects. My husband made a really nifty order form for us so just email me (allthingscreativeaz(at)gmail(dot)com) and I'll send you the order form. All orders and money need to be in by June 16th so Morgan and I have time to get all the crafts ready for the big night. We hope to see you there!

1 comment:

Sandra {sawdust and paper scraps} said...

I think this is so cool. I have told a couple bloggers I know that live close to me that we'll have a craft party once I finish my craft room. Bold and brave of you to announce one on your blog. I might do that and tell everyone to meet at a specific place and then blindfold them and bring them to my house. :-) OK, that just sounded really weird but whatever. I'm in a total funk today. Thanks for your comment today, it was such a cheery note and totally brightened my day.


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