Monday, May 17, 2010

Crafting Craziness

This last week was a busy crafting week for me. My friend, Morgan and I have been working on putting together a big craft night. We decided to pick up all the supplies we'd need to make each project (we've decided to do 6 different crafts) and make them this past week. We covered my kitchen table Tuesday night and I didn't get it completely cleaned up until Saturday morning! I kept going after Morgan had to go home, and it took a while to get everything done, partly because it took me a day to find my stapler and partly because I kept getting distracted and starting other projects!

Here's my fun, messy kitchen table, half cleaned up after finishing a couple of things. If you look close, you can see 7 different projects on the table: large dice, an FHE board, Christmas Countdown blocks, red vinyl for some 6 in tiles, refrigerator magnets, bath salts, and the "ladder" picture frames. Not all of that was for my upcoming craft night. I got a little crazy with crafting and just started doing all sorts of fun things. I've even come up with at least another 6 ideas or so for another craft night. Hopefully, this one will be a success!

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