Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Computer Desk redo

Edited to add to Mustard Seed Creations Furniture Feature Friday:

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A couple of weeks ago, I bought a computer desk off Craigslist. It's solid wood and in good condition, it was just gray. Not a color hubby or I were very interested in. We moved the desk directly to the back patio so I could paint it black while my husband was on a business trip last week. Here it is after I started priming. I used a gray primer, so it didn't look any different. And here is it all painted black! It looks so much better! I really like the look of it better now. This was my first roll-on paint furniture re-do, so I made some mistakes. The biggest being that I forgot to wash the top of the desk (I remembered to clean the underside since I started with them upside down) before priming. The paint is easily scratched on top (it's beautifully scratch resistant underneath though!) We'll eventually have to strip the paint and repaint it, but with our move hopefully coming up soon (We're still waiting on a closing date for our house), I don't feel like doing it right now. I might do it soon after we get settled, we'll see.

Ok, and here is a before picture of the computer corner. The tower/desk we bought when we were in school and we had a 2 foot square space we could fit our computer since we had two babies in the second bedroom. It was a tight fit (4 people, 600 sq. ft.), but we made it work. Now, we get to spread out a little. We'll even have an actual office after the move! Yeah!

I totally didn't clean up, or organize before this picture. Hopefully, once I add everthing back in the computer space it'll look better than this!


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Cindy said...

Looks great black! NOthing like a new paint job to motivate ya into organizing a space :o)

Kammy said...

Sorry , I am so late - I just joined this morning and then I had to go to WORK - ugh !
I love your new area - so chic !

Miss Mustard Seed said...

Wow! What a difference and a huge improvement over the tiny computer "desk" you started with. It's so much better in black as well. Nice makeover and thank you so much for posting to FFF.

Katherine @ Grass Stains said...

I LOVE black-painted furniture! Great job ... it looks like an entirely new piece.


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