Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Another lamp remake

It seems like all I finish is lamps right now. I finally pulled out the spray paint and did this pair of matching lamps.

I originally bought lamp shades at Goodwill for these lamps, but the shades turned out to be WAY to short for the lamp. I would have needed to put a good 3 inch, or longer trim to get it to cover the light socket. Last week I was up in Phoenix and stopped by the IKEA there. I picked up two of these lampshades in their AS-IS section for $3 each. I'm not the best photographer, so these pictures aren't all that great, but I LOVE my new lamps. I've never really been a fan of lamps, so we've never had lamps on our bedside before. I'm really liking the new softer lighting in that room. It's encouraged me to make the bed more often. Even better, my husband told me after a couple of days that he really likes our new lights. I told him I hope he feels that way when I'm done with the buffet!

** Sorry I never posted this, Marie is the lucky winner of my vinyl giveaway! It should be getting to you soon, Marie!**

1 comment:

Becca said...

I think they are great. You sure are good at making your house a home one little step at a time.


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