Monday, September 7, 2009

Happy Labor Day

No new projects finished today, but it sure was a day of LABOR! This morning before it got hot, we all got outside and worked on weeding our back yard. When we moved in a little over a year ago, the back yard was completely overgrown (it looked like the management company stopped having someone pull weeds back there once we signed the paperwork) and we've never really gotten it under control. We're trying and it's my first time actually, really, truly helping Hubby weed. We got me a pair of gardening gloves and everything. A lot of the weeds here are part cactus and I'm irrationally scared of spiders - real or imaginary, so the gloves helped me conquer that fear. After weeding for an hour or so, I moved to the garage and got some more sanding done on our cradle. I finished sanding one short side and started on the other one. Hubby joined me for a while and started work on one of the long sides. We're making progress and I'll post pictures as soon as that's done. I can hardly wait! I have so many other projects I want to work on, like this buffet I got on craigslist...
This cute trunk I got at a yard sale needs some love...And I finally found lamp shades that I liked to recover for these soon to be beauties...These are all projects recently added to my to do list, so I've got a few things to get done before I can/should start these. Oh, and when I found my perfect lamp shades at Goodwill this weekend, I also found another cute lamp in need of some love.

I hope everyone had a great Labor Day!

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