Saturday, September 5, 2009

Our house "before"

Here's a picture of our new house. It's still being built, but it's almost done. We visited yesterday and I snapped a bunch of "before" pictures. We're planning on changing out several things before ever moving in.We aren't fans of some of the standard stuff, but didn't want to pay for things, like light fixtures for 30 years. So, we're going to change them all out ourselves. First things first though, we'll be putting in ceiling fans with light fixtures in all the rooms. (For some reason in AZ, builders don't actually put light fixtures in any room except the dining room and kitchen!). We're planning on painting the whole house. That'll be an adventure, we realized yesterday that there's a 25 foot high expanse of wall (it's at the bottom of the stairs and goes all the way up the second story, vaulted ceiling). Here's some light fixtures I want to change out (we aren't fans of brass), but we might just be spray painting the indoor ones right away and waiting on the exterior lights.

I'm hoping to change out our sliding glass door for french doors. I'm not really a fan of sliding doors. But again, that'll depend on how much money we have after making our "necessary" changes, like the door knobs. We want knobs, not levers and not brass.

Here's a view of the great room from the kitchen and our lovely laundry room floor (it was so worth the extra for diagonally laid tile!). So excited! We'd forgotten what color we'd picked out for things, but now that we know the carpet is brown with gold undertones, that'll help us zone in on what colors we'll be painting the walls.

Here's a look at our front door, which will look great with a "Welcome" sign on it! Also a picture of our hall bathroom vanity that I can hardly wait to decorate!

We close in a month and then all the changes will commence. I'll post afters of everything as it gets done. We hope to move in as soon as possible after we close, so we'll be working hard the get everything changed and painted.


stephasauri said...

I'm so excited to see what you do with things! How exciting to be in a brand spankin' new house! You and David are handy people, so I'm sure you'll be great with the DIY projects (Mike loves them too)!

Anonymous said...

BRASS- in a new build???

AZ must be behind the times!


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