Monday, September 21, 2009

Last of the canning for the year!

I'm DONE! I finally finished all my canning for the Fall. I was able to get bulk peaches at a really good price this past weekend. So, I picked up 3 cases (one for me and each of my "Emilies"). They came over on Saturday afternoon and we got going. Several hours later, we finished. Here's my portion of the peaches.
Crazy stuff seems to 'just happen' around here when canning. We got all the peaches prepped and started our second canner going on my back burner. Five minutes into both of them going, my front burner blew! It's completely dead. I haven't yet taken the time to figure out what exactly is broken and will have to be replaced. Personally, I think the whole oven needs to be replaced (that's a whole other story...), but we're renting and moving soon, so we'll settle with buying a new burner element. We just had 1/3 of the peaches left to can, so one Emily borrowed my canner and took those peaches home to can herself, since my stove had had enough.

I'm glad I'm done because now I can focus more on other projects and the upcoming holidays!

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