Monday, September 21, 2009

Vinyl giveaway

I was working on a sign for a lady this morning and realized halfway through that I was supposed to cut it out mirrored. Since I was almost done, I finished it and now I'm offering it to one of you! It's in black matte and just under 8x10 inches in size (safe for any surface!). Leave a comment with your favorite Fall tradition to enter. I'll pick a winner on Friday (Sept 25th).
This is a picture of the sign offered. It has transfer paper on it; the vinyl really is black.


Becca said...

ohh, I love vinyl:) I really like that quote, if I don't win, I might have to buy it from you:) My favorite fall tradition is...Oh, so many to choose from...I love going to the pumpkin patch every year because it is fun family time together. I just love special time with the family.

Emily said...

My family had so many growing up: baking sugar cookies in the shapes of the holidays and frosting them, the advent calendar, the nativity scene complete with songs and scriptures. With my family now, my favorite is buying our yearly Christmas ornament. Every year we go to the little stands in the mall and buy a Christmas ornament and have our names and year put on them. We have two moose, two mice, peas in a pod, 3 of something else (I can't remember) and this year we'll get one with 4 because we added another child. I also like putting up the advent calendar. It reminds me of growing up.

{Marie} said...

OOoo! Would you ship it to me? My fav. tradition for the fall season is taking my kids over to BYU and taking pictures of them. I have done this since Elaina was 6 months old.


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