Thursday, September 3, 2009

Vinyl love

I wanted to "get something done" yesterday. We're working on refinishing a cradle (that was supposed to be done before our 10 month old was born... it's taking a while). So, while that's "going" in the background, I wanted to feel accomplished on another level. So I made this:

My son, Spiderman picked the vinyl color. We were going to put it in their bedroom, but I decided it would look better above their pictures. (Kudos to Shelly - what a great idea!) It's too high on the wall, but it's only until the move, so I don't really care. I love this quote! Perfect for all boys, who truly are "buddies." Now that it's on, it looks painted on, which I love. So cute, huh?

In other news, I hate the texture on our walls. I rubbed the vinyl down with my little tool thingy and then my finger before peeling the transfer paper off, and I still had to rub it down again after that! Thankfully, we have a nice, much smoother texture on the walls in our soon-to-be home. From yesterday's experience, I might just wait until the move to do more vinyl for our house. Happily, I have a few friends who are willing to let me "help" them put vinyl in their home, so I don't have to put a hold on all my vinyl fun!

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Jaime said...

Just found your blog and i have to tell you that i love that "There's no buddy like a brother" saying. So cute. I have all boys too so i am now inspired to do a wall like yours!
Thanks for the idea.


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