Monday, April 25, 2011

Latest from Craigslist

I've been thinking lately that I really need to get a bookcase for the kids books in our loft. We've got them in baskets on top of the expedit bookcase, but the baskets are starting to fall apart. After looking online for new options and deciding I didn't want to spend $100+ on a nice small bookcase, I turned to my favorite place for furniture - Craigslist.

I found a super cute smallish looking bookcase for $15 and the lady was selling 2 side tables for $20. I thought they looked fun and I'm wanting a side table in my bedroom ("re"make to start soon!), so I got it all for $35. The one mistake I made, however, was forgetting to ask for the dimensions of the bookcase before I bought it. I usually do and when I brought home this 3 ft tall, 3 ft wide bookcase, my husband asked, "Isn't this a bit big for the loft?" Yes, yes it is...

Too cute to turn down last minute and too big for my loft, so, I now have a perfectly sized bookcase to hold all our diaper bags, backpacks, church bags and other random stuff that lately has been collecting in the floor of our entryway. I like to change my mind a lot, but at the moment, the plan is to refinish the bookcase, replace the missing shelf and put it in our bedroom for our "re"make. Until then, however, it'll live in our entry.

As for the 2 side tables, I'm still deciding how I'm going to finish one for our bedroom. The other one, though I'm going to have some fun with and see how it turns out. If I really like it, I'll try to find a place for it. Otherwise, it'll end up on Craigslist again - it just won't be blue anymore.

Oh, and I'm still looking for a bookcase for the loft...

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