Thursday, April 7, 2011

The Hair-bow Organizer

I've had many friends tell me that I'll need a way to contain the hair bow explosion after this baby arrives. Trusting their advice, I decided to make a hair bow organizer, much like the one pictured here, largely because it would be next to free. I have a friend who keeps chickens, so I picked up some extra chicken wire from her, cleaned it and spray painted it yellow (to make it almost cute). I also painted a frame (I dumpster dived months ago) the coral/pink color in my fabrics. Then I put it all together. Here's the finished look. I think I'm just going to lean it against the wall on top of the dresser, but I may decide to hang it later. We'll see. I currently have a total of 2 bows, so we'll see if I fill it up any time soon.

Chicken wire is NOT easy to work with. It likes to stay curled up. I had to unroll it and lay a board on top for a few days to get it to lay somewhat flat/less curled. After scrubbing it clean and spray painting it, I tried stapling it to the inside of the frame, but that wasn't working too well. After scraping my hand several times, I pulled all the staples out, wrapped the backing of the frame in the fabric (secured with duck tape) and then wrapped the chicken wire around the board. I had my husband cut the wires close (so I wouldn't cut my hands again...) once I got it folded down flat and used a mallet to hammer the finished product into the frame (it was a tight fit).

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Staigerfamily said...

OH! What a great idea! I really need something like this!! I have the opposite problem . . . I have been given a BAJILLION hair accessories for the baby--but have NO IDEA how to store them so I can find the one I want when I want it . . . WHAT A FABULOUS IDEA!!!


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