Thursday, July 1, 2010

Giant Game Pieces

We had Craft Night last night and it was a big success! We all had lots of fun chatting and crafting together. It was fun, but a lot of work and I'm grateful I can once again focus on things in my own home. Last night, I was able to mostly finish my PLAY ROOM giant scrabble tiles for our loft upstairs. My boys helped me finish and hang them today:I painted them two each orange, red, green and blue to match the colors of our loft (our walls are yellow). After applying the vinyl scrabble letters, I attached sawtooth hangers to the back with nails and epoxy glue so they won't fall out ever.

In the right corner of the above picture, you can also see the giant dominos I made and hung next to the window. They're perfect for the space and might be a future Craft Night project. They measure 2in x 6in x 12in and I used black vinyl for the dots and the line.

I love the way both of these projects turned out for our play room and look forward to seeing the (hopefully) next finished project - bins for our toys!


Robert and Cassie said...

The tiles turned out so cute! Thanks for all you did for the craft night! You did so much! I love the crafts kits I got! Thanks again!

Marci said...

Hey Amanda!
Is there a way to order some custom vinyl stuff from you? I have a Young Women's activity coming up and thought that it would be fun to use some vinyl lettering for it. I also have some quotes that I would like to have for my own house. I love your idea of a craft night! Your scrabble letters are so cute! Anyway if you could help me out with the vinyl let me know!
Thanks, Marci

Pam said...

Those scrabble tiles are amazing. Very creative.

Sandra {sawdust and paper scraps} said...

I love the giant scrabble tiles and dominos. So cute!

Becca said...

Love the scrabble tiles. Where did you get the wood. I would have love to have come to the craft nght or even order them from you but I am a bit far for that. I would love to copy some of your ideas if that is okay.

Kelli Brewer said...

What font did you use for the letters on the scrabble tiles?


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