Wednesday, June 23, 2010

My first 3-D Jigsaw puzzle (a.k.a. our loft couch)

We got our new couch in the mail yesterday! I was upstairs folding laundry when my oldest came running upstairs, "Mom, we have a box! We have a box outside!" I wasn't expecting to get it for another day, but I was pretty excited to do something other than fold laundry.

Several years ago, I found this really neat online furniture store, Home Reserve that sold couches that you put together yourself. The couch comes in boxes and is seriously like putting together a 3-D jigsaw puzzle, only easier because they provide step-by-step instructions. I told hubby about it, but he wasn't impressed until recently when I pointed out that it would be much easier to get a couch upstairs if it came in a smallish box. Then, he was much more willing!

So, I went downstairs and my boys and I hauled our new couch upstairs. It came in two boxes and was really easy to put together, just time consuming.

Here's our cushions all fluffed back out.
I put the arms together first and my baby wanted to climb around inside.
Then my older boys wanted to play on it to...
We took a break after that for lunch and then I got busy. Here's the arms of our couch, all put together and waiting for the rest of it.Here's the couch frame, at about the halfway point.
Son #1 putting screws in the holes.
They were so excited to be able to sit on it!
Here it is complete! I had a friend come over to see my couch. I was almost finished so she helped me get the fabric on the arms and cushions and snapped a picture for me. All told, it took me about 4 1/2 hours to put it together, mostly by myself.
We LOVE our new couch! The cushions are a bit firm, but my boys are working hard on softening 'em up. I promised them that when our new couch came, they could climb and jump and do whatever they want on it, so they have been. I love the size of this couch, it's perfect for the loft/playroom. Home Reserve has TONS of fabric choices, so we ordered a bunch of samples before deciding on this dark blue one. My favorite part about this fabric? It's water-proof. No more worrying about my furniture when I'm potty-training. Oh, and the fabric comes off and is machine washable too. Love it!

After the boys went to bed last night, I sat down on our new couch and used it for the very reason we bought it - I folded laundry for the first time in 2 weeks! I realized soon after our move that I will only willingly fold laundry while sitting on a couch watching a movie. With our only couch downstairs and our laundry room upstairs, I wasn't very good about hauling laundry downstairs just to fold it, so my so-so laundry habits quickly went downhill. That's when my husband said I could buy a new couch. :) I'm hoping our new couch will help get me back into my much better laundry habits again soon!

So, with the addition of the couch, I'm almost done with our loft. Yeah! I'll show you the whole room (cleaned up) soon. I just have a couple more projects left to finish and then it will be complete. I'm getting so excited!


steph said...

those boys sure are growing up.

Rita said...

Okay, I love that couch... especially the part where it is water proof and washable! Where did you find it/order it?


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