Thursday, June 17, 2010

Been busy

If anyone's wondered why you haven't seen any after pictures of painted furniture, it's because my air compressor died, literally right after this post about painting all that furniture. So, my garage is still full of furniture and it's driving me nuts! But the first two pieces of our computer desk are redone and we moved them into our library, which made rearranging necessary. We moved all our boardgames upstairs to our bedroom (so we can keep them behind a closed door and away from little "dumpers") and started rearranging our office/library. It's still a work in progress and will be until I get my compressor back from the shop and can paint the last piece of our desk.Here's my oldest (he's 4) helping dad carry the shelving unit upstairs for the boardgames.

We had a community yard sale 2 weekends ago and I loaded up the back of my van with everything I didn't sell and took it to Goodwill with the promise that I would not get out of the car. I came home with this:

I just couldn't go without going it to look at something and I figured the furniture section was least likely to have something I would want to buy. Guess I was wrong... It was $14.99 and we've been thinking about a bench for a table for a long while, so we're all really pleased.

This past weekend also kicked off my mad dash to the finish line for doing our loft/playroom. I headed up to Ikea and spent a wonderful Saturday shopping with my sister-in-laws in the Pheonix area. We had a blast and I came home with a car full of stuff for my loft and a couple of other projects I've got in the works. Monday, I put together this expedit bookcase and the leksvik coffee table and the boys loved coloring on their new art easel.

Tuesday, I picked up some more furniture for our loft from Walmart (gotta love Site-to-Store free shipping!) and Wednesday, I finally found the perfect fabric to making bins for my new coffee table and bookcase. I've got lots of projects in the works for my loft right now. I'm also hoping to get my air compressor back from the shop early next week so I can finally paint all that furniture in my garage and finish a room!

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Kelli Brewer said...

I love Ikea! I can't wait for Autumn to get a little bit older so I can get an easel for her!


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