Thursday, July 22, 2010


My oldest started Kindergarten yesterday. I spent the day before picking up all his school supplies for the year. I wanted to label everything for my son so that he wouldn't get his mixed up with someone else's. I also didn't want to put his name on it all (stranger danger!), so I decided on a monogram. I designed one that I liked in my vinyl design program and cut out a few, some to use on hard objects and some to use as stencils on all his fabric stuff (pencil case, lunch box and backpack). I think it turned out pretty cute.

I chose white for his waterbottle and lunchbox thermos because I only have white and black vinyl with a permanent adhesive. Most of my colors are the non-permanent adhesive (ie. won't damage your wall when it'd removed) kind. I used an odd color in my regular vinyl for the stencils. It bled a little on the pencil case and the vinyl didn't stick all that well to the fabrics, but enough for me to be careful about painting it. I couldn't find non-3D fabric paint at Walmart, so I just used my regular acrylic craft paint. Craft paint doesn't tend to wash out of my clothes, so I figured it was permanent enough. Unpictured is the lunchbox thermos and my son's backpack. It all turned out cute and my son knows what's his!

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Kindra said...

And how did mom do the first day of Kindergarten? I remember that last year...I was a nervous reck!LOL

Great idea with the vinyl labeling! Love all your blocks and signs as well.


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