Saturday, July 24, 2010

Flower Pens

With my oldest in Kindergarten and my youngest taking a nap, my second son is bored. So, Thursday, we pulled out some silk Gerber daisies I bought at Hobby Lobby last fall and turned them into flower pens.

I looked up a few tutorials online (I googled it) and didn't like what I found. All the tutorials said to use the stem of the flower, but my flowers had all fallen off the stems! So, I stuck some floral wire where the stem was supposed to be, twisted it around the end and hot glued it in place.

My son helped by passing the tape around the pen while I stretched and stuck it in place. When we got to the end of the pen, I hot glued the flower tip to the end of the pen and wrapped that up too. We then wrapped the floral tape back down the pen to secure the flower completely.

Here's Son #2 proudly showing off our accomplishment:

I still have one yellow and two orange Gerber daisies that I think I'll turn into pens sometime too. When I get a desk in my craft room (I have one now! Yippee!) I'll get a small flower pot/vase to stick them in on my desk.

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