Thursday, July 4, 2013

Recent home changes

 While my husband was in Japan on business, I made a lot of changes in our house.  I really like how everything turned out!

I repainted our foyer.  I know it looks like a bright blue in the pictures, but it's teal.  My hubby finished framing out all the windows in the house just before he left, so I got them painted while he was gone and when he got home, he installed our new 2" faux wood blinds.  Still need to make a valance for the window. 
Here's the other parts of the foyer.  I found the brown chair at the Habistore in Tucson.  I asked if they would negotiate on the price and so I got it for almost half what they were originally asking. It's in pristine condition and I LOVE it!  The table, we've had for a while. It's an Ikea Hemnes table that I painted a bit before putting it together. I got a babysitter one night while David was gone and went out with a friend.  I found the fun green and white rug at Lowes.  It's so fun!

The white furniture with the fabric drawers is our new shoe cubby. I bought it for my birthday in March.  Everyone has their own drawer to store shoes in.  The picture makes it look like I matched the wall color to the drawers, but there's a bigger difference in person.  The orange mirror I bought on a yardsale page and painted.  I finally hung it up and LOVE it.  My husband gave me the gumball machine for Christmas last year.

 While my husband was gone, I looked through our builder's information and found the company that made our home's cabinets and ordered a new one for the left side of our kitchen window.  He installed it with the help of a friend a couple days ago. Love it!

I sold our china cabinet, again, while hubby was out of town and bought this new lovely off Craigslist for half what I sold my old one for!  It holds everything our china cabinet held and I love that visually, it takes up MUCH less room.  

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Tawnya said...

Fun! I painted my one bedroom wall a dark teal . looks great


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