Thursday, July 4, 2013

Back Yard Before

We've got a goal of finally putting in our backyard this summer.  Not sure what's possessing us to try doing this during the 100+ degree weather of a Tucson summer, but hopefully, we'll still get it done.  We've hired out the patio extension.  We decided to do a cement extension with a pavers border.  We're planning on using the same pavers to outline each area of the back yard. They came a week ago to lay the paver border for the patio.  They're coming back on Saturday to pour the concrete.  You can see the patio border in all the pictures below. 

Here's what our backyard looks like today.  Standing by the back door looking left.  You can see the box that our new trampoline is in.  My oldest wants a tether ball set for his birthday and we're debating putting it right off the patio in the picture below.
 By the back door looking straight out in the yard.  In that empty corner, we're planning on a fruit tree and an in-ground trampoline - all surrounded by grass. 

By the back door looking right.  We'll be building a raised garden box here. 

The left side of our house, looking toward the gate. You can see where I started digging on the right.  It's a pretty steep 'hill' in our yard.  We're going to put in a retaining wall there and hopefully grow berries in it. 

We're hoping to get all our projects done by September, but we'll see if that was too ambitious or not.

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