Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Birthday party craftiness

My youngest boy turned 3 this month and I threw a big, dragon themed party for him.

First a mundane project: I planned on making kool-aid and serving it in my orange cooler with a towel on the floor to catch drips. My friend, Morgan told me about this drip catcher she pinned, so I looked it up and made one. Unfortunately, my cooler decided to start leaking where the spigot screwed into the cooler, so I didn't get to try it out, but it seemed to work before my cooler soaked my counter.
Also, for #3's birthday, he requested a dragon pinata. I followed my mom's instructions, found here and worked on it little by little for most of October (it seemed). My husband and I finished it the night before the party. Since the birthday boy was still awake, I dragged him out of bed before we stuffed it with candy (and made it heavy) for a picture.
It was a big hit and my older boys (whose birthdays are in July and September) are already deciding what kind of pinata they want for their birthdays next year.

The picture below is when my son was starting to open presents at his birthday party, but in the top left corner, you can see another of "my" craft projects. I say "my" because it was my idea, but my husband really did it. We decided to do "pin-the-flame-on-the-dragon", so I had my husband pick a clipart dragon and make it poster size. When I suggested he color the background (so it wasn't white), he decided to do a whole scene, complete with a castle, sun, clouds and a tree. We added a 'shadow' of the flame to show where the kids were supposed to try to stick the flames. I had it printed as a poster at Sam's Club, along with 12 flames on a separate poster. I cut out each flame and then had the whole thing laminated. It was a big hit, though my son was the only one who wanted to get the flame on the shadow. Everyone else picked other spots, as you can see. I see many birthday parties in this game's future.
The party was a hit and enjoyed by all.

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