Sunday, January 10, 2010

Vinyl decorating

Here's a couple of vinyl signs I did recently. This one below is located at the bottom of my staircase so I can see it each morning and throughout the day to remind me to read my scriptures. So far, it's working well. That and my three-year-old loves to have me "read the letters, mom." I took this picture standing on a step above the words, so the angle looks a bit odd. Sorry.

Now, if only I could find a cute quote that would inspire me to clean my house...

This next one, I saw in a friend's house and I liked it so much, I repeated in mine and in the same spot - over the sliding glass door to the back yard.

My husband helped me put these up the other day after the kids went to bed. Let me just say that putting vinyl lettering on a textured wall is NOT fun. It looks good now and that's all the matters, right? As a side note, you can see where I was spray painting my bed frame against the back of our block fence.

I also put "Welcome" on my front door again and I did a "No Soliciting" sign on our side lite. I was getting tired of all the door-to-door sales people that come through our newly built neighborhood.

I put a sign above my pantry door, but I don't like it, so I'm going to take it down and try again sometime. Hopefully, I'll get a before and after.

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