Thursday, January 28, 2010

Powder room progress

I've been wanting to get a few projects done lately. Just as I was going to haul our computer desk outside for a new finish - the weather got rainy. So, I shifted gears and painted my downstairs bathroom this past weekend.

This is the closest things I have to a before picture. I was taking the back of the tank off the toilet.

Here's my finished-so-far bathroom. It's a light purple (Sensitive Tint, I think, from Sherwin Williams color matched at Home Depot). I picked the color out of the sky in the painting below.
My little "iron man" I bought at Panama City Beach, FL my senior year of high school on a band trip. The painting came from a friend. She'd pulled it from a dumpster (the glass was broken) so she could have the frame and when I told her I'd take the picture, she gave the whole thing to me. My husband replaced the glass in it for Valentine's Day a few years ago. The little dresser came from It holds extra toilet paper and hand towels and will eventually hold small bottles of the cleaners I use to clean the bathroom.

I'm not finished with my bathroom yet. I'm planning on putting a scripture verse in gray vinyl around the top of the wall, like a wallpaper boarder. I'm thinking John 8:12. I headed out to Joanns this week and got another Thomas Kinkade lighthouse and a frame for over the toilet. I also have a basket for the back of the toilet to hold lotions. I'm still looking for something for across from the toilet, too. I'm looking forward to seeing it all come together!

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