Sunday, January 10, 2010

Ice Cream "Snowmen"

My younger brother and his wife had an ice cream 'snowman' on one of their weekly dates recently and it sounded so fun, we tried them at home.

I was planning on making one for each of us (5), but decided that two was enough since it takes a lot of ice cream and I didn't really want to eat that much. We let our two older boys have the snowmen and pick the "hair color" (aka. ice cream topping) although the redhead looks more like he got a major head injury.

We used graham stix as toothpicks to hold the snowman together since the balls of ice cream just wouldn't sit on top of each other. Frozen blueberries were the eyes and nose. Son #1 picked red hair (strawberry sauce) and Son #2 picked brown hair (chocolate sauce) for their snowmen. They were very much enjoyed, as evidenced below:

This was a fun way to make snowmen since we aren't likely to see snow here in AZ.

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