Saturday, February 12, 2011

My Productive Weekend

Thursday, my good friend, Emily came over to help me clean up my house a little in preparation for our busy weekend together.

Friday afternoon, she came back. This time armed with a LOT of fabric to make curtains for her living/dining areas in her home. I have the bigger house, the know-how and the sewing machine, so she came to me. Since we were sewing, I finally got out my boys' bedroom curtain fabric and crib bumper/skirt fabric to work on. Friday, we got everything cut out while my husband watched all 6 of our kids (all age 5 and under!) by himself. He's such a sweetheart! Oh, and I also had Emily and my husband move the buffet/dresser into the dining area on a drop cloth so I could actually paint where it's warm.

This morning, Emily came back again to finish things up. She was able to completely finish 2 of her 4 curtain panels and get the rest pretty much prepped for sewing. (We're hoping to get together again next week to really finish up). I finished up 1 curtain panel and got 3 coats of paint on the buffet and the cabinet doors.

Here's how things look (with my stuff, since Emily took hers home with her tonight). I'll get a better picture of the curtains when I've finished the second panel and gotten them hung. I did 6 inches of stripes at the top and 12 inches at the bottom with the dinosaur fabric in between. I love how it turned out and all of my boys really like it.

Here's my buffet in it's current form. I still need to do one more coat on the front corners and across the front bottom. I was also able to get the cabinet doors mostly painted. The grooves on the doors need another coat or 2 to make things nice and white. I finished up the last 2 drawers earlier this week.

On top of the buffet, you can see the green fabric (freshly ironed!) that will be part crib bumper and crib sheets and a dark green trim cup that has all the missing hinges and screws for the cabinet doors on the buffet. I'd put the hinges in that cup for "safe keeping" a year ago and finally found them! I was not looking forward to trying to find new hinges that matched the current screw holes.

Even the hinges had been painted with latex black and white paint, so my husband will be stripping that off this week so I can spray paint the hinges Oil Rubbed Bronze to match the new hardware. Once my last few touch-ups are done on the buffet, we'll get some help to move all the furniture around and get the boys in their new room! I'm so excited, because then I can start on the nursery!

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