Friday, February 18, 2011

Another Dresser

When I decided to use the buffet in our bedroom as a dresser, I knew I'd need another dresser. So, I started looking for one on Craigslist. I had certain criteria: I needed a dresser no bigger than 3 ft tall, 3 ft wide and 18 inches deep, with more than 2 drawers. I wanted a solid wood dresser and I didn't want to pay more than $50 for it. It took about 2 months to find what I wanted, but I did! Isn't it cute?

We picked up this dresser a few weeks ago. It was $45, the exact dimensions mentioned above and a heavy solid pine dresser! The only problem? It's missing the hardware on the bottom drawer. I found a couple of knobs (that originally came on the orange nightstand) to make the drawer usable for now. This dresser is going in my closet, so I don't care about matching hardware right now. I may change my mind about that later on, but for now I need to focus on my nursery projects.

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