Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Superhero Capes

Thanks to my good friend, Morgan, I was able to check something off my to-do list yesterday. My boys' superhero capes. My husband and I designed the appliques with the boys' initials and Morgan and I cut them out on my vinyl cutter a week or so ago. Yesterday, Morgan came over and we got started. We made ourselves a cape pattern, ironed the appliques down and then satin stitched around the edges. We added double-folded bais tape for the edge and sewed velcro to the extra "collar" part of the bais tape. They were pretty easy to do. Morgan made one for her son, too. Of course, since she's a sewer, her's looks much better than my 3. The important thing is that they love them.

In the picture above, my youngest ran off to show Dad, who'd just gotten home.

I had my boys put them on for pictures then told them that the capes were mine until Christmas. They're pretty excited for Christmas morning. I have a feeling these capes will go on in the morning and they'll do everything in them all day. It's nice to actually finish something. Thanks again, Morgan!

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Robert and Cassie said...

Those are SO cute! You did an awesome job!


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