Monday, December 27, 2010

The Beadboard is DONE!

A few days ago, I realized that my husband's sister and her husband were coming to visit and would need a bathroom to use. Our boys have been using ours for the past month (it's getting really old though...), but I didn't want guests to have to come through our bedroom just to brush their teeth or whatever. So, it was time to stop procrastinating and finish something already!

I added the chair rail just before Christmas. Today, my hubby took our boys to the park while I caulked everything. We painted it this afternoon and again this evening. Here's what it looks like so far:

I saw on a blog recently a tip to tape off where you want to caulk above chair rails so you get a nice crisp line. I did it and it worked beautifully! The first coat of white we put on this afternoon was Eggshell Cream (Behr paint from HD) that I colored matched months ago to Rustoleum's Heirloom white since I want to paint some furniture (all our nursery stuff) that color. It didn't quite match the Swiss coffee trim color throughout our house, so while that coat dried, we ran to HD and got a gallon of the right shade of white and added that after the kids went to bed. We'll put the back of the toilet on tomorrow before my SIL arrives and I'll start decorating. We haven't added the crown molding yet. We borrowed a miter saw, but it doesn't have a high enough fence (it's the flat metal part you push what your cutting against) to easily cut crown molding, so I'm trying to talk my hubby into letting me get this miter saw in the near future. Talk of crown molding throughout our house is helping him feel like it's a worthwhile purchase... Either way, we'll be adding the crown molding after the New Year. Here's a good tip for painting beadboard that we discovered while doing it. Use 2 inch foam brushes. They are just the right width for the flat parts of the beadboard and the sharp, triangle end is perfect for running down the grooves of the "bead" part. We ended up painting everything using those brushes and it really went fast and looks great.

I'll post more "finished" pictures after I get the shower curtain and a few other things up. I'm getting so excited!


Life with the Warrens said...

looks great! when can you come over and do my bathrooms? i'll let you hold a baby.

Staigerfamily said...

Gorgeous! We are just finishing up a bathroom beadboard project too--so this was fun o see!


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