Monday, December 13, 2010

One "finished" project!

So, tonight, I patched the holes from our first attempt at installing our lovely new gate and we (mostly my hubby) installed the gate at the stud. I wanted to install the gate at the edge of the carpet, but that was too close to the corner with no stud. The wall mounting thingies kept punching through the drywall instead of grabbing onto it, so we had to move it 3 inches to the stud so the kids can't rip the gate out of the wall when they try to get into our computer room.

Here's my hubby installing the last piece and then tightening the bolts after we got the gate up. Isn't it cute? I mean, for a gate, anyway...

Please ignore the mess of our office/library. It's the first room that will be tackled once I'm finished with my projects upstairs. It's still months away, but I've got some great plans in store. Until then, this room is just an embarrassing, unorganized mess.

I still need to sand the spots I repaired and probably spackle again and sand again and then paint over them. I have a spot upstairs that needs to be painted too (same color), so I'm hoping that with 2 things, I'll actually get both of them done. Hopefully, I'll finish that up tomorrow and then we can finish up the bathroom. We'll see.


Life with the Warrens said...

what's gonna work? team work? that is you and David with all these projects. like the wonderpets! way to go but seriously you are making me look really bad here not doing anything but making litte sewing projects. did the girls stockings the other day. and i almost died from the heat and the swelling.

Robert and Cassie said...

That is so awesome! It is a SUPER cute gate :) Where did you get it?

Amanda said...

I bought it on It's made by Summer.


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