Friday, December 31, 2010

My Aunt's Watermelon Painting

My aunt is a very talented crafter. Through her influence, I learned to hand quilt, finished a couple of latch-hook rugs, made several pairs of Indian bead earrings, etc. I get some of my craftiness from her, I think.

Three years ago, while visiting my aunt, she gave myself and each of my siblings a painting she had done. I was the lucky one to get her watermelon painting. I've been storing it for the last 3 years so my kids wouldn't ruin it. During Thanksgiving, one of Micheal's Black Friday deals was custom framing for almost 70% off. I took my aunt's painting and had it framed. I finally got to pick it up today and hung it up as soon as I got home. Doesn't it look wonderful?

I love this painting and I love my aunt. Now I get to see it and think of her every time I go into my dining room.

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