Saturday, November 7, 2009


We closed on our house yesterday! Last night we headed down and had pizza on the floor in our empty dining room. The boys loved running around and going up and down the stairs. A highlight for them was throwing a toy over the loft wall and down the stairs. They loved it!

Before leaving for the house yesterday, I threw all our new doorknobs in the van and changed out a couple of knobs last night. This afternoon, we got a babysitter (thanks again, Emily!) for our two oldest and headed down to do some more work.

We chose antique pewter for the finish on our doorknobs. It was a compromise that we are both very pleased with. I like the dark, brown finishes. My husband likes the more silver colored ones. The picture on the Schlage website shows a much lighter color, but they turned out to be a dark finish with silver undertones. So, our doorknobs went from brass and levers (that's just asking our boys to leave the house!)
to beautiful and much harder to get out!
It looks almost black in the picture, but it's not that dark. I'll have to try to get a better picture sometime. I still need to change out our front doorknob and the garage doorknob. I had them rekeyed to match at Lowes today. They did it for free since I bought my knobs through their website.

We also got started on installing ceiling fans. Here's my hubby, working hard.

And our Son #3 holding the ladder for Daddy! What a good little helper!
We'll be heading down soon to get some more things done. We discovered that we need to get a few new tools (like wire cutters) to install our ceiling fans (seven of them!). So, I'll be heading out to get those before our next trip down.

We finally made a decision about painting. We're having the professionals do the main part of the house (the hardest part to keep the kids out if we did it.) and we'll be doing the rest. We still aren't sure what color we're painting the living room/loft area, but the painters will hopefully be doing it this week! I bought the paint for our laundry room today, but we didn't have time to get started on it. Lots to do and little time. We're hoping to move in just a few weeks!

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Life with the Warrens said...

Holy smokes! i am so happy for you.


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