Saturday, November 14, 2009

Choosing colors

We've started painting! It's kind of exciting to see the different colors on the walls. My boys kept asking me, "You're painting the house?!?" when I started. They've only seen white walls at our place and they've never seen anyone paint a room before.

We've been trying to decide what color to paint our living room/loft area. The painters will be starting that on Monday. So, I picked 5 colors, got samples at Home Depot and painted by number on the wall. I couldn't tell what color was which in the jar, so I numbered them and then painted the number on the wall.
We were leaning towards number 3 or 5, but I had another sample I'd picked up a while ago for something else that I wanted to try. It's called Humble Gold by Sherwin Williams. I painted that the next day and thought one shade lighter would do the trick. Back to Home Depot, I picked up Jersey Cream (one shade lighter than Humble Gold) and every other color for all the rooms in the house. Since I couldn't tell the difference between a couple of them, we ended up with about 9 sample colors on our walls! I lost the camera in all that, so no pictures. Sorry! We did end up deciding on Jersey Cream. I think it'll look great with our green kitchen (which we started painting yesterday!). So far, we've got a red laundry room and a green kitchen and my paint shirt looks rather festive. My husband's halfway through installing all the ceiling fans and we still have light fixtures to change out. It's been a busy week and we've got a couple more weeks like it coming up!

I'll be able to blog a little more once we've finished some more things. We've been heading down to the house (it's 40 minutes away) after breakfast and getting back home around 10pm each night. It's exhausting but it'll totally be worth it!

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Life with the Warrens said...

sounds like a lot of work i mean fun! our kitchen is going green too. i think dusty olive might do the trick. soft chamois was our brown choice for the living room walls below the chair rail. i am too lazy to take pictures. good luck on the house.


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