Thursday, November 19, 2009

Progress Report

We've been making progress on the painting. The pros got in on Monday and Tuesday and did a great job! I was so excited when I saw our walls and really pleased that I didn't have to do all that work!

Here's some pictures of what we've gotten done so far:

My red laundry room (Cherry Tart? Behr paint). It's a bit darker in real life, not so much the Christmas bright red color above. I've seriously debated whether or not to finish the red or prime it and start with a new color. After seeing the loft color with the red (when the door's open) I decided to stick with it. This is 3 coats and I'm thinking I need one more. The edges might need another coat after that. We'll see.

Question: Why is it that my laundry room looks like I need an extra coat of paint on the edges like that? What am I doing wrong? Any ideas/suggestions/tips would be appreciated. I'm a novice painter!

Here's the fan my husband installed in our 10 ft high ceiling last week! It looks really nice. You can also see the color we chose for the main parts of our house, up and down. It's called Jersey Cream from Sherwin Williams.
I asked my husband to put on one light fixture last night before heading home. He did the front entry. Wait... Let me find a before picture. Here it is:
I think the new one looks much better!

And here's our downstairs. You can see a bit of the green we're doing in the kitchen. Still needs another coat, so it doesn't look the best yet, but we still love it! I think that chandelier in the kitchen will be coming down tomorrow, so I'll show you the new one soon. Actually, it's sitting in the middle of the dining area in the picture below!
I also finished up the nursery/Son #3 bedroom. We chose Lemon Sherbet from Dunn Edwards. It goes well with the green paisley fabric that I picked up this summer for the curtains in his room. Sorry, no picture. I forgot to get one.

We took a break today, but a nice long weekend (with a New Moon break for me!) is ahead of us, so we're hoping to get lots done. Hopefully, we'll finish painting the kitchen and laundry room and get another bedroom or two started.

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Life with the Warrens said...

what a little busy bee you are! lookin' good with the paint and light fixtures. can't wait to see the rest!


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