Thursday, September 8, 2011

New "Nightstands" and an update

I mentioned here that I recently found new nightstands for our master bedroom. I have been looking for almost a year for matching bombe chests the right size and price for our room. I saw a couple of beautiful silver leafed bombe chests on Little Green Notebook and fell. in. love. I also really liked these nightstands from Little Miss Penny Wenny.

So, here's my before of the nightstands:

The gray one I picked up for $80. I couldn't figure out the huge price difference (original price was $180) at Home Goods. When I got it home, I discovered that the back leg had apparently broken off and been reattached with glue. It's sturdy, but there's a small, visible crack all the way around the leg. I couldn't bring myself to pay $180 for another one, so I originally picked up a square table that was about the same dimensions as the bombe chest and reasoned that I could make that work. After staring at the two of them together for a couple of days, I just didn't like that idea and told my husband I was going to take it back. He was relieved since he didn't like it either but wasn't going to say anything. He's such a sweetheart! Anyway, when I went back 4 days after getting the first one, there were only 3 left in the whole store! (There'd been more than a dozen on Tuesday.) Not sure why, or how I missed it on my first trip, but the pink one above was mis-marked to $150 - the most I was willing to cough up for a nightstand.

So, I'd love to show you my afters, but I seem to be hopping around a lot lately. I've got my 4 drawer dresser half sanded and the leg crack on the gray bombe chest filled and sanded and the original hardware holes filled (I really want 2 knobs per drawer, not 1 on my nightstands). I still have my french provential bench to finish up (haven't touched it since I first blogged about it) and I started cutting the vanity support off the first of my 3 drawer dressers that I finished the drawers for weeks ago. That's just my furniture projects!

I've got my yearly "crazy person" canning next week that I'm getting ready for so all my furniture projects are being put off so I can prep for that. I'm hoping to finish up the nightstands, and a couple other projects by the end of the month though. We'll see how fast I get it all done!


Jenelle Stephenson said...

I think you're one of the busiest people I know! You have so many projects that you work on, but they all turn out so great. I'm jealous. I am too busy just to keep my house clean, let alone refinish furniture to furnish our house. Can't wait to see what it all looks like when you're done.

rebecca @ older and wisor said...

I've *never* have just one project going on - it's either zero or 13 ;) I bet it'll turn out fabulous!

P.S Congrats on having a well behaved hubby that doesn't like to hurt his wife's feelings ;)


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