Sunday, August 21, 2011

Balloon Animals

My 6 year old went to a friend's birthday party this past weekend and another mother there was making balloon animals for the kids. All of my boys love balloons, my oldest in particular. After seeing that mom and asking her about it a bit, I decided it was something I could totally do. So, after the party I went on Amazon and bought a pack of balloons and an air pump. We got our balloons on Tuesday and by Friday night, I'd used all 100. Here's just a few of my earliest attempts. There were tons more all over the house that we hadn't found yet and we were popping them almost as fast as I was making them, but we still had quite the balloon clutter this week!

A rabbit:
A tiger:
A teddy bear:
I got a lot of my designs by watching youtube videos, but I also picked up a book on Amazon with instructions for some beginning shapes. I really enjoyed twisting the balloons and my 6 year old has started trying to twist some of his own. I'll be getting more balloons soon and learning more shapes and hopefully teaching my boys how to do it also.


stephasauri said...

It's like origami with balloons... I can see how you'd like it!

A little known fact about me: I was a balloon artist in high school. I twisted balloons at restaurants and made tips. I also did kids birthday parties and other events. I have contemplated taking it up again to help put Mike through law school. It made good money, but took lots of peppy energy that I don't know if I could muster after chasing toddlers all day.

And no, I didn't wear a clown costume.

Robert and Cassie said...

That is so awesome! I always thought that would be fun to learn!


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