Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Craft Night and Crafts

I was talking to my mother the other day and she told me that she'd been watching for a post about how my craft night the other day went. That reminded me that I've been really bad about blogging lately. I'm still sick, although I can feel the end of the valley fever in sight. I'm hoping another week or two will be the end and I can come back strong and finish a few things around here (like the laundry...).

Craft night went really well. I spent a good chunk of the day cleaning up my downstairs for the evening, so I had no energy to do anything but sit and chat that night. Since that's half the point of my craft nights, I didn't feel bad at all. We had a good turnout and everyone had fun (as far as I could tell). Morgan and I are already brainstorming ideas for our next craft night at the end of January - after all the holidays. We'll get more details after my health returns and when it gets a bit closer to the New Year.

So, I didn't get anything made that night. A couple nights later, my husband and I were at a loss for what to do and all my craft projects from our church craft night at the beginning of September were sitting unfinished in the living room. I convinced him to help me put together the candy corn topiary kit I'd bought and hadn't done. I'm proud to say that with my husband's help, we had this baby finished in 40 minutes! Super cute, huh? I'm thinking of doing two more at different heights and maybe a set of Christmas tree topiaries, too. You can also see the Spooky board we had available for my craft night last week.

Since it was General Conference weekend and I hadn't (and still haven't) hauled my craft table back upstairs to the craft room, I sat down during Saturday's sessions and finished the rest of my kits from early September. Here's my Christmas Stackers. I couldn't leave well enough alone though. I called my friend who'd cut all the vinyl for this project and got the name of the font, so I could make mine double sided. :) Obviously, you can't see that in the picture, but it will look great from both sides on display at Christmas this year!

Last, but not least, I finished up the Christmas Advent calendar. It's made from a mini-muffin tin, cool, huh? I dry-brushed black paint on the edges of the paper since I don't have an ink pad for that. The instructions said to tie some ribbon through the pre-drilled holes that don't exist, so my husband will be digging out a drill bit that goes through metal before Christmas and fixing that. Plus, I think I'm going to spray paint the pan white to be a little more Christmasy and a little less kitcheny.

Please excuse the horrible background. I bought the vinyl tablecloth for craft night so I wouldn't get paint on my dining table and I haven't put it away yet. Plus, you can see the fun water-coloring my boys were doing while I crafted on Saturday.

I'm hoping by Thanksgiving to have a few things crossed off my To-Do list, but I have to feel better before I can start anything new. It drives me CRAZY sometimes!


Robert and Cassie said...

What super fun crafts! Hope you're feeling better soon!!!

Life with the Warrens said...

you did a great job with the blocks and the advent calendar. hope you feel well enough to finish all your projects.


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