Saturday, July 18, 2009

Skirt fabric reassigned

I recently bought some light weight denim to make a skirt, but I'm not very confident when it comes to sewing clothing, so I decided to use the fabric other ways. Especially since I was able to find some skirts already made that I liked just fine.

I made a tablecloth.I also made a texture book for my baby. He doesn't put things in his mouth, but he loves to feel things. I went through my fabric scraps and found a bunch of different textured fabrics for the pages. I added bias tape (some store bought, some home-made with a bias tape maker) to the edges of the pages and made the cover from the denim. I put some decorative stitching with some embroidery floss I had and sewed all the pages and the cover together. It's not perfect - far from it, but I think my baby will like it.

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