Monday, April 12, 2010

Laundry room progress

I saw a really cute idea a while ago at Centsational Girl and I finally copied it today! Plus, I took it a step further.

My dryer is usually COVERED in laundry related cleaning items. I buy in bulk/large containers where I can and it makes it hard to reach the dryer controls. So, I decided to make it cuter. What do you think?

I got the glass jars from Target and applied my own vinyl stickers "SUDS", "OXI" (for oxi-clean) and a flower on an oil jar for my Odoban. I spray painted the jars with frosted glass spray paint then peal the stickers off and they turned out really cute. I haven't tried the Odoban in the oil jar thing yet (I finished doing the laundry before I finished this project today), so I'm not sure how that will work, but I hope good. And the letters show up better in person, the lighting stinks in my laundry room.

**Random info follows. I LOVE Odoban and put it in every load of laundry. It kills odors (like your kids soaked the bed at night and you might die for the smell, kills odors) and is a great all-around cleaner. You can only buy it at Home Depot and Sam's Club and you can only buy it by the gallon, hence the smaller container for my dryer top. Oh, and I wasn't paid to say that, I just grew up using the stuff.**

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Jane said...

I long to have a laundry room so I can have laundry detergent in handsome canisters! So pretty! Way to make a chore just a little bit less so. I bookmarked this post because I want to look into that Odoban stuff.


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