Monday, March 15, 2010

Bathroom Vinyl

When I knew I was coming out to visit my mom, she asked me to bring some vinyl signs we'd worked on via email a few months ago for her bathroom. I got the idea for the monogram and the quote on but it took a while for my mom to find a font she really liked. I love doing vinyl so this was almost the first thing I did when I got to my parents' house on Friday. My parents have been remodeling their house for a few years now and they've really made their master bathroom special. I think the vinyl really adds to that feeling.

My parents have this awesome walk in shower, but I think the monogram is too small for the space. I plan on doing another one about twice the size for them sometime.

Doesn't this just make you want to take a nice long soak? I love this quote over my mom's jetted tub and I love the photograph too. My very talented cousin took these pictures. I wish he could come to my house and photograph when I finish a project - it'd look much better that way.

Well, I'm heading home tomorrow and really looking forward to seeing my husband and little boys again. I'm also getting excited to start full blast on my loft "re"do. Is it considered a "redo" if you've never really done any decorating in the room before?

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